Pace Egggers Felony! (Allegedly)

ALLEGED FELONY BY “PACE EGGERS.” – On Saturday, at the borough police court, before the Mayor and T.Hart, Esqrs., George Neville and John Boyd were charged with stealing a tin warmer, the property of Robert Pickering, of the “William the fourth” public house, Nova Scotia. It appears that on Thursday night, a number of “pace eggers” entered Pickering’s house, and the defendants were among them. They were causing a disturbance in the street when the attention of the police was attracted to them; and Sergeant Fielding started in pursuit of Neville, and another whom he believed to be Bond. While Neville was running, he threw from him the warmer, and when apprehended told the officer he got it from Bond. The evidence being considered insufficient to establish the felony, that charge was not pressed; but the defendants being both drunk and creating a disturbance, they were both fined 5s. and the expenses.

The Blackburn Standard. Wednesday 8 April 1863

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