This bit is the history bit. Initially it will be mostly my musings on Cretan/Greek history but it will be expanded in time.

I’m an enthousiastic amateur not a professional historian so please feel free to point out any errors or anything you disagree with.

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Mick McT.

(The header illustration shows the Greek blockade runner “Arkadion” being towed into Constantinople harbour on 21 September 1867 after being captured off the south west coast of Crete.)

Record of British military personnel who died in Crete, 1897 – 1909.

Between February 1897 and July 1909 the total number of deaths among British military personnel serving on Crete appears to have been between 165 and 170. The number is uncertain because no central record appears to have been kept and this figure is derived from an examination of the memorials on Crete itself; details of …

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Keeping Candia clean

On arrival in Crete in 1897, British troops were faced problems in addition to those of keeping the peace between two rival, and antagonistic, groups of the population, and preventing a ‘foreign’ takeover of the island. Located for the most part in Candia (Iraklion) with small detachments in villages close to the town and a …

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